Ages 5 - 9
Students celebrating their tenth birthday during the school year may still be enrolled in the program during that school year.

This program provids transportation to the child's school from TCDC in the mornings and picks up the child from school and brings him/her back to TCDC in the afternoon.  The program also provides:

  • breakfast
  • an afterschool snack
  • quiet time for homework
  • supervised free time
  • social interaction
  • weekly chapel service

Daily Schedule
6:30-7:15  arrival, breakfast
7:15-7:30  prepare to leave for school, take roll
2:30-4:00  pick up children from school, take roll
4:00-6:00  snack, homework, free time, chapel (on Wednesdays)

Tuition Options
$  62.50 weekly
$125.00 bi-monthly (1st and 15th of the month)

$250.00 monthly
effective Jan. 1, 2017

School Holidays
TCDC provides all day care for afterschool students when school is not in session (except when TCDC is closed for holidays).  But there is an additional $12/day charge beyond your monthly tuition. Afterschool students not attending TCDC on school holidays will still pay the regular monthly tuition.

TCDC provides a summer program filled with various activities like swim lessons, field trips, and movies along with the Christian care that we provide throghout the year.  The cost is $115/wk. + activity fee.

A child's place is not reserved until his/her papers are on file and a non-refundable deposit of $50 is paid to TCDC.  Each year thereafter there is an annual non-refundable fee of $40 assessed each August and a $30 supply fee.

Tuition Deposit
A two-week deposit will be collected at enrollment.  This is applied to your tuition account when your two week notice is given in writing to the TCDC Director. 

Family Discount
Families enrolling two or more children in TCDC receive a $20/mo. discount.  Speak with the Director for more details.